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  1. Yoann Gourcuff (France)

D.O.B: 11 July 1986 (Cancer)

Where you will find him? Busy playmaker for French side, Bordeaux

Here we come…the new king will conquer the world! He did not have good world cup. But spectators already said definitely the one to watch in future. He like the combination of Jared Leto, Robert Pattinson, and Jonathan Rhys Meyer! It’s true! Becks! you better watch out!

2. Ricardo Kaka (Brazil)

D.O.B: 22 Apr 1982 (Taurus)

Where you will find him? Play as midfielder in Real Madrid with Ronaldo.

For me, he is the most handsome player I ever seen. Because he born to be perfect! He have classic look, just like the prince charming in fairy-tale story that we always dream of!

3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

D.O.B: 5 Feb 1985 (Aquarius)

Where you will find him? Cassilas team-mate in Real Madrid as midfielder cum striker

The ultimate B.A.D boy has arrived! Whether you love or hate him but who can deny his sexiness? Athletic body, childish look, and stunning eyelash! Even boys think he is hot!

4. Iker Cassilas (Spain)

D.O.B: 20 May 1981 (Taurus)

Where you will find him? Wearing his Number 1 jersey for Real Madrid in La Liga

Its official! Cassilas is the hottest goal keeper in the world. He has the complete package, handsome, pretty face, macho. If girls did not notice him, there is something wrong with you!

5. Cesc Fabregas (Spain)

D.O.B: 4 May 1987 (Taurus)

Where you will find him? Play for English club, Arsenal as creative midfielder

You do not interest in little man? You may change you mind if you look at him. He is a combination of Latino, naughty-boy, angel, and baby faced! You may not even notice his size!

6. Fernando Torres (Spain)

D.O.B: 20 Mac 1984 (Pisces)

Where you will find him? A main striker plays for Liverpool in English premier league.

I am sure he very popular with women. How to recognize people that have stylish face? They will look good in any hair style. Bald, short, or long, you just cannot take your eyes off from him!

7. Roque Santa Cruz (Paraguay)

D.O.B: 16 Aug 1981 (Leo)

Where you will find him? In big spending English club, Manchester city as striker

The German magazine had named him as the best looking player in world cup 2006. Are you surprise? He has complete face, and when he smile make women anxious.

8. Carlos Bocanegra (USA)

D.O.B: 25 May 1979 (Gemini)

Where you will find him? Play for French club Rennes as centre-back.

Do you love Hollywood hunk? You better keep your eyes on him! He is USA captain that play for Fulham before. This American has a face that the more you look, the more you love!

9. Fabio Cannavaro (Italy)

D.O.B: 13 Sept 1973 (Virgo)

Where you will find him? Play in his new club, Al-Hilal the Saudi Arabian as defender.

Some public say Italy have most beautiful people in the world. Yes! they were right! Just look at this man just born in perfect look, sparkle eyes and sweet smile make him unforgotten.

10. Frank Lampard (England)

D.O.B: 20 Jun 1978 (Gemini)

Where you will find him? The most famous man in London plays for Chelsea as midfielder

If anybody think he is not handsome, well they just crazy! He one of most regular faces with Pepsi, Adidas and etc. observe his non-ordinary English look, and pleasant eyes.

11. Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina)

D.O.B: 10 Dec 1987 (Sagittarius)

Where you will find him? Play as striker in La Liga with Spanish champions Real Madrid.

Remember Argentinean striker that score the only hat-rick in world cup? He one of the next best thing in football, he even better looking with short hair and has natural appeal.

12. Rafael Marquez (Mexico)

D.O.B: 13 Feb 1979 (Aquarius)

Where you will find him? At this article had been writing, this defender move to USA

Are you watching Mexico telenovela? Their man just hot isn’t it? This Mexican fellow just can’t get any hotter! His good looking face, his strong body makes women nervous. But he is married!

13. Niclas Bendtner (Denmark)

D.O.B: 16 Jan 1988 (Capricorn)

Where you will find him? The tall striker plays for English club Arsenal in premier league.

If you think tall boy not attractive, well you better think again. He is very tall, strong in the air; spiky blonde hair, and he currently date girl from royal family! Wow!

 14. Thierry Henry (France)

D.O.B: 14 Aug 1977 (Leo)

Where you will find him? Currently play with Donovan in USA team LA Galaxy

One of the player that have the most appearing in commercial include including Gillette and Pepsi. He would be the most fine-looking black player in the world.

 15. Landon Donovan (USA)

D.O.B: 4 Mac 1982 (Pisces)

Where you will find him? Play in United States for LA Galaxy with David Beckham as midfielder.

He had been praised with his unbelievable commitment to team. Somebody that always you can depends on. His face just right with round eyes, dark hair, and remember! he is American!


16. Ibrahim Afellay (Netherland)

 D.O.B: 2 Apr 1986 (Aries)

 Where you will find him? In The Dutch first division club PSV Eindhoven as midfielder

If you love baby face guys well you might like him! Even he has cute face, but he still can be classified as handsome. I love to gaze on his charming and pleasing to the eye look.

17. Javier Pastore (Argentina)

D.O.B: 20 June 1989 (Gemini)

Where you will find him? Play as midfielder with Italian side, Palermo.

One of player makes his debut in world cup with young age. You might think he is unknown, well you may looking out for him after this, check out his fabulous jaw bone structure.

18. Fernando Muslera (Uruguay)

D.O.B: 16 June 1986 (Gemini)

Where you will find him? He stands on goal play for Italian team, Lazio.

Sorry Buffon! You lost! I have notice him for the first time in world cup. He may not the most handsome but he had unique features which is his chin make him look dazzling.

 19. Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

D.O.B: 28 Jan 1978 (Aquarius)

Where you will find him? Play with his famous no.1 jersey for Italian club Juventus.

His one of player that never been left when we chat about handsome footballer. His fit body, cool hairstyle, and world best goal keeper make him as a commercial magnetism.

20. Mark Gonzalez (Chile)

D.O.B: 10 July 1984 (Cancer)

Where you will find him? Play for Russian team, CSKA Moscow as a striker

 The Latino guys always attractive! Gonzalez is one of them. He has general Latin features with dark skin, dark hair and please watches out his hot eyebrows.

21. Manuel Neuer (Germany)

D.O.B: 27 Mac 1986 (Aries)

Where you will find him? Play as goalie with German club Schalke.

If you think the German goal keeper usually old well, here he comes! The young man that with bright future, very tall, famous yellow hair. Who say goalkeeper not sexy?

22. Rafael Van Der Vaart (Netherland)

D.O.B: 11 Feb 1983 (Aquarius)

Where you will find him? Play as variety midfielder with Spanish legend Real Madrid

He had been named as one of the handsome guy in Netherland, and got hot wife. He the example that little guy also can seem good with dashing look, and perfect nose.

 21. Jesus Navas (Spain)

D.O.B: 21 Nov 1985 (Scorpio)

Where you will find him? Play as attacking midfielder for Sevilla the Spanish club.

He had catch my focus as substitution in final world cup, he show a great performance. You may notice him with dark hair and his signature the unique green eyes!

 24. Paulo Ferreira (Portugal)

D.O.B: 18 Jan 1979 (Capricorn)

Where you will find him? Play in right defends with English premier league champions, Chelsea.

If you think only Ronaldo is hot boy from Portugal team, well you may miss Ferreira. He look shy with nerd hair style, but has soppy eyes that make you want to look more! Trust me!

 25. Nilmar (Brazil)

D.O.B: 14 July 1984 (Cancer)

Where you will find him? Play as a striker with Villarreal in Spanish league.

Well, the Brazilian may not catch our interest except Kaka. But this newcomer you better keep eye on him with curly hair, beautiful eyebrows, and baby face. Classic Latin looks!

5. Robin Van Persie (Netherland)

D.O.B: 6 Aug 1983 (Leo)

You might know him play for English club Arsenal. His manager astonish with the way his touch the ball in football mean the ball like had been glued to his boots. Have dark hair, pouty lips and Muslim.

4. Luis Suarez (Uruguay)

D.O.B: 24 Jan 1987 (Aquarius)

Remember his hand saves against Ghana in quarter final? And remember how delighted he was when Gyan miss the penalty? Attractive and look cute with his weird teeth.

3. Wesley Sneijder (Netherland)

D.O.B: 9 June 1984 (Gemini)

If you wonder who will be the best player in world for 2010, his is maybe the one. He already wins three cups this season. Can use his both legs (In football this is rare), tiny, and who do not love his cute face?

2. Sergio Aguero (Argentina)

D.O.B: 2 June 1988 (Gemini)

If you did not know him, you may hear his father in law that is Maradona. His has been expecting one of the talented young men, petite size, and lovely eyes also were mix up from Lebanese and Italian parent.

  1. David Villa (Spain)


D.O.B: 3 Dec 1981 (Sagittarius)

What can I say? He is the pure definition of A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E! I am sure you know him whether before or during world cup. He is superb player, cute small beard, and naturally attractive.

10. Alexis Sanchez (Chile)

D.O.B: 19 Dec 1988 (Sagittarius)

He had been called as El Nino Maravilla meaning the wonder boy. With punk hair style, so adorable Latino hunk! Watch him play for Udinese in Italian Serie A.

9. Gokhan Inler (Switzerland)

D.O.B: 27 June 1984 (Cancer)

Who say go bald you cannot look cute? He is midfielder that plays with the same team as Sanchez (Above). Bald, sweet, and macho is that not good enough?

8. Diego Forlan (Uruguay)

D.O.B: 19 May 1979 (Taurus)

Girls you may recognize him, the most remarkable player in world cup with wonderful goals. He actually plays for Man United before, well known with long blonde hair and always wears his favorite hair ban.

7. Keisuke Honda (Japan)

D.O.B: 13 June 1986 (Gemini)

Japanese girls may crazy about him and we can say that he is the Asian heroes at the moment. Impress everyone with wonderful free kick goal, blonde hair, and very cool character. Love It!!

6. Lukas Podolski (Germany)

D.O.B: 4 June 1985 (Gemini)

If you did not notice him, he is The German young striker that won young player award in 2006. With muscular body, short blonde hair, cherry lips and has gorgeous red face.

This is the first time I made this list. As you can guess what my gender is. What is adorable? it is quit similar to cute, sweet, and lovable. We can conclude that these guys are not good looking but would be enough to make girls admire them because of their face, character, style, size, charm and off course how they play in the field. They are very special guys even they did not have commercial attraction. This is the most adorable players in South Africa; you can give your opinion about my choice. Guys would be wondering why but girls will love it. Girls are you ready?


15. Florent Malouda (France)

D.O.B: 13 June 1980 (Gemini)

In world football he one of the greatest wingers in the world with great speed and dribble skills. As a person we recognize him with many changes of hairstyle. So cool!!

14. Piotr Trochowski (Germany)

D.O.B: 22 Mac 1984 (Aries)

One of newcomer in international stage, he did not sparkle in world cup finals. But he had been spotted with small size and cute face and trusts me, you would love him!

13. Lionel Messi (Argentina)

D.O.B: 24 June 1987 (Cancer)

He is the best player in the world right now, with incredible technique and skills. Little player that gets many commercial contracts (He is very rich!). The best thing comes in small package!!

12. Thomas Muller (Germany)

D.O.B: 13 Sept 1989 (Virgo)

Watch out boys and girls! The new superstar will come soon!! Err…maybe now. He had won golden boot in world cup, with classic German look, blonde, tall and amazing player!!

11. Samuel Eto`o (Cameroon)

D.O.B: 10 Mac 1981 (Pisces)

Athletic player with astounding scoring ability, he is very kind heart man, love to make charity including give each team-mate an expensive watch and famously known with his pretty smile.

Goal Keeper

Iker Cassilas (Spain)

Richard Kingson (Ghana)

Manuel Neuer (Germany)


Jorge Fucile (Uruguay)

Carley Puyol (Spain)

Marcus Tulio Tanaka (Japan)

Philip Lahm (Germany)

Arne Friedrich (Germany)

Sergio Ramos (Spain)

Fabio Da Silva (Paraguay)

Gerard Pique (Spain)


Andres Iniesta (Spain)

Wesley Sneijder (Netherland)

Bastian Scheweinteiger (Germany)

Diego Perez (Uruguay)

Thomas Muller (Germany)

Arjen Robben (Netherland)

Javier Mascherano (Argentina)

Robinho (Brazil)


Diego Forlan (Uruguay)

David Villa (Spain)

Gonzalo Higuain (Argentina)

Miroslav Klose (Germany)

Best heroes

  1. Andres Iniesta triumph goal

The ultimate destroyer name Iniesta made it again this time in the most important game of his life. Gain an empty space and made run, Fabregas cross to him inside right penalty spot, Iniesta pass Sketelenburg and a beautiful volley shot to secure a world title for Spain.

2. Wesley Sneijder winning goal against Brazil

The corners from Robben find his ideal mate Sneijder, with unmarking Sneijder make unexpected things from a small player. His header scores a winning goal and it totally rattled Brazilian. Remember Zidane Head in finale 1998? This is quit similar.

3. Gyan goal in extra-time against USA

Just after a few minutes in extra time, Gyan get spectacular long ball from defends and touch it perfectly and cheat Bocanegra to score winning goal for quarter final place for the Africans. He celebrates with his outrageous dance.

Best Villain

  1. Luis Suarez hand ball

Is he the heroes or villain? I would say both. If he did not block Ghana shot, they would not be in semi final. But if he did not do it, The African should be celebrating. So it may be the cruelest reaction or just want to sacrifice for his country? This is why he the best Villain.

2. Felipe Melo the bad boy

Even he claims that Robben play acting, but is his action is the right thing to do? He step on Robben hamstring whether accidentally or not it still unnecessary action. He officially ends the Brazilian 6th title expect, and will ask forgiven from whole country.

3. Italian referee error finish Australia and Mexico dream

The red card for kewell chest ball on goal line, and give a penalty to Ghana certainly end Australia competition in group stage. And in round 16, he made mistake again by allowing offside goal from Tevez and finish Mexico world cup hope. How mean is that?

Goal of the tournament

  1. Giovanni Van Bronkhorst (Netherland) Vs Uruguay, Semi final

The movement from Sneijder and back to the De Zeuw and pass on left to Bronkhorst. This long shot from 25 meter go into the net beautifully by his famous left foot.

2. David Villa (Spain) Vs Honduras, Group H match

This would be the most stunning solo goal. He run from outside left side penalty and enters inside penalty pass one defender and he slipped but still can put a striking volley ball.

3. Keisuke Honda (Japan) Vs Denmark, Group E match

Almost all free kick experts had a problem with Jabulani but 2 terrific free-kick goals from the blue samurai stunned everyone. Honda goal from right field of 30 meter is unforgettable one.

4. Carlos Tevez (Argentina) Vs Mexico, Round of 16

The hard working man on the field, Tevez score a long range goal from middle outside penalty spot with high speed had been a frightening to Mexican goal keeper.

5. Lukas Podolski (Germany) Vs England, Round of 16

This is the best team goal, outstanding high ball pass among Muller and Ozil before find Podolski in left side penalty make England defenders look stupid.

Celebration of the tournament

  1. Siphiwe Tshabalala (South Africa) Vs Mexico, Group A match

We cannot separate dancing with Africa continent. The first goal in the tournament score by host, Tshabalala of South Africa. He did dance that cerography well with his team mates.

2.Asamoah Gyan (Ghana) Vs USA, Round of 16

This is also dancing celebration from the Black Stars. All Gyan goals celebrate by funny dance with strange shaking bums follow by entire squad.

3. Miroslav Klose (Germany) Vs Argentina, Quarter final

The acrobatic act that very synonym with this German striker. Keep doing it even after 4 or 8 years and he are 32 now and a father but still marvelous stuff.

Quote of the tournament

  1. “I thought he the ball boy”

By Diego Maradona (Argentina coach) on Thomas Mulller when he meet him first time in press conference but the young German score first goal in Argentina shameful defeat 4-0. That is why Maradona should put Muller name on his next grandson.

2. “We want to protect Paul”

By Spanish Prime Minister that also obsesses with psychic ability of Paul after the octopus predict correctly that Spain win in semi final. Paul had received a threat from mad fans that want cook him.

3. “The ball is too fast to detect”

By Uruguay Referee that makes well-known error that disallowed Frank Lampard goal even is clearly over the line in round of 16 clash between historic rivals Germany and England. English fans claim they can see the ball pass line even they sit very far from the referee.